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  • Color By Number 2.5

    Color By Number lets you to convert photo to a paint-by-number pattern. Just scan the photo or load graphics file from disk, choose the brand of
  • Color Style Studio paint color schemes 2.204

    Pick color schemes on the photos of houses If you're a professional involved with painting, decorating or color design, you need Color Style
  • HTML Color Picker & Hex Color Code Finde 1.02

    New software to manage color codes. Carry your colors from one application to another, store your colors in a unique place. In addition to having
  • HTML Color Codes & Color Wheel 1.02

    New software to manage color codes. Carry your colors from one application to another, store your colors in a unique place. In addition to having
  • A-PDF Number 1.3

    A-PDF Number is a free software utility program that adds/creates page number in .pdf files which are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5
  • A-PDF Number Pro 2.8

    A-PDF Number Pro is a specialized desktop utility that enables you to batch add page number to Acrobat PDF documents. It also lets you customize your
  • A-Number CRM 2

    Contact information, relationships, business opportunities, orders, sales activities, marketing campaigns, planning, reporting and more can be handled
  • The BIG Number 1.4

    The BIG Number updates all contacts that are stored in designated "Contacts" folders within an Outlook profile, whether stored in local personal
  • One Number

    Check GMail, Google Reader, Google Voice, and Google Wave. Four sources, one number. So you have your favorite "checker" extensions and you think
  • Number 1 Dad -

    What a great Fathers Day wallpaper for anyone who has a Dad who loves hunting. Music by Red Sovine, Daddy. Enjoy
  • PDF Number Pro 2.2.0

    A-PDF Number Pro is a professional desktop utility program that lets you Batch add Page Number to Acrobat PDF documents. With A-PDF Number Pro, you
  • PDF Page Number 2.21

    PDF Page Number is an affordable industrial strength, stand-alone tool for adding page number to PDF files. You can customize your page numbers
  • Number Generator 1.6

    Number Generator v1.6 is the tool for generating numbers of 10 digits like a format (ie. 991-991-4756). it has capabilities of generating numbers in
  • Number Matrix 1.10

    This is a fun and simple game for all the family, using numbers and your mind. You can play against a friend or the computer, with a range of game
  • Love Number 1.0

    This is a free and simple application designed especially for couples or lovers, it will let them to find their partner's love number based on their
  • Number Balls 1.2.0

    In this game there will be a number of balls in the screen. You need to click the balls in ascending order of the numbers shown on them. Be careful,
  • MB Personality Number 1.45

    MB Personality Number 1.45is a very interesting and user-friendly software which lets you know valuable information about your outer self, your
  • MB Personal Day Number 1.75

    MB Personal Day Number 1.75is a useful program which reveals that particular day, when your powers are heightened, and you have the potential to
  • MB Challenge Number 1.60

    MB Challenge Number 1.60 is developed as a smart and useful software with which you can easily find your set of strengths and weaknesses. You must
  • Guess My Number 1.1

    Guess My Number 1.1 is written to be an interesting and attractive game in which the player can enter a number that he or she thinks that the computer
  • Number Press 5.0.1

    Numbering Software - Raffles, forms, etc Number Press - Numbering has never been easier. The perfect solution for printshops, organizations, clubs
  • MB Attitude Number 1.0

    MB Attitude Number shows what you think you are getting out of life. This shows your attitude in life. If the attitude number and the life path number
  • MB Capstone Number 1.0

    MB Capstone Number Software finds your capstone number or capstone character. In addition to telling you your capstone number or capstone character,
  • MB Cornerstone Number 1.0

    MB Cornerstone Number Software finds your cornerstone number or the cornerstone letter and also lets you know the significance of your cornerstone
  • MB Inner Dreams Number 1 70

    MB Free Inner Dreams Number Software is a highly informative and user-friendly software which gives you valuable information about your outer self,
  • MB Realization Number 1 45

    MB Free Realization Number Software is simple, friendly and informative software which makes you realize your true potential and what may possibly
  • Roulette Number 1.3

    Both the licensed and the free version of new roulette betting software Roulette Number deploy a simple yet sophisticated strategy of only placing
  • Whole Number Arithmetic 1.0

    Whole Number Arithmetic is an educational software program to help anyone learn increasingly difficult whole number arithmetic skills. It features
  • Number Rows 1.0

    This is a great program that allows your child to easily add, subtract, multiply and divide rows of numbers so that they can see patterns. The program
  • Number Converter 2.1

    A utility program to convert a measurement from one unit to
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  • Colors by Denis Kozlov -

    color picker that helps users easily select a desired color using various pallets. It is able to pick color from the Currently displayed screen content and supports a number of different color models, i.e. RGB, HSV,
  • Plastiliq PixelPicker 1.2.7

    Plastiliq PixelPicker is a useful color picker tool that gets the pixels color under your mouse pointer on the screen and translates it into a number of different color
  • ColorPicker 1.0

    color Picker is a very easy-to-use color picking tool that may pick color from your computer screen and copy the picked color code to clipboard. This is a simple program that enables you to pick color you need anywhere
  • Count On Me 1.0

    Bubbles pop if they have the same color and number. You can combine bubbles by dragging them to each other. The color of the bubble will be determined by which of the bubbles had the bigger number. Your job is to pop
  • ColorNamePicker 1.3

    colorNamePicker is a plug-in for the colorpicker. The colorpicker can be accessed from a number of applications and is used for selecting colors. colorNamePicker can be used to select a color based on RGB values, a Hex
  • ColorSchemer ColorPix 1.1

    colorPix is a useful little color picker that grabs the pixel under your mouse and transforms it into a number of different color formats. You can use the built-in magnifier to zoom in on your screen, click on a color
  • Plastiliq Pixel Picker 1.2.5

    Plastiliq Pixel Picker is a useful color picker tool that gets the pixels color under your mouse pointer on the screen and translates it into a number of different color formats. FEATURES: Clipboard support. Optional
  • Color Selector for Harmony Contrasts 3.24

    The elements of the color Selector are arranged in such way that a chosen color combination can be judged clearly and quickly before you integrate it into a layout. With the help of the color Selector you can obtain
  • Color Junction 1.0

    This version has been written in inspiration of color Junction module for Google customized home page by Mihai P. The goal of the game is very simple: clear the board. To remove cells click on at least two connected ones
  • HTML Color Blender 1.0

    Generates HTML code for that transistions the color of a string from a start color to a stop color. Has several addition features including the shape of the transistion (wave, ramp), the number of times the transistion
  • LogicArt 1.0

    FUSION LogicArt is a very entertaining game in which you will have to discover the position of the color blocks that are hidden in the board, to do this use the left click to place a color block, the right click to place
  • Design Color Wheel 1.00

    Design color Wheel was specifically developed for the professional HTML and Graphic Designer who needs to come up with the perfect color scheme at a moments notice. With its color picker tool it is easy to copy any color
  • Pop-a-Color Value 1.1

    Pop-a-color Value is a simple graphics tool that can be used to get color values when making skins for programs and also creating websites. When looking for html color values, hex color values, or rgb color values,
  • Color Scheme Editor 2.10.0079

    color Scheme Editor 2.1 is a simple color editing tool, designed specially for Tom Tom Navigator users. With this program you can easily change the color of the maps on Tom Tom Navigator. With its simple interface, you
  • SpectroHelp 1.0.9

    Helps color-blind persons to work with color. Helps color-blind persons to work with color. SpectroHelp is meant to assist color-blind people to manage colors, and the application can be used for educational purposes
  • AI-Software SmartColor 1.02

    AI-Software Smartcolor is the ultimate color picker for windows. A color picker lets you select colors, and copy them to the clipboard. Many programs do not include any color picker, or a really lousy one, or just use
  • ColorUtility 1.53

    colorUtility will tell you the real-color equivalent of hexadecimal and Decimal color codes, and will also give you the hexadecimal color code of a real color. It features an RGB color chooser which is easy to use and a
  • Color Cop 5.4.5

    color Cop is a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers. It features an eyedropper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, snap to websafe, color history, and a
  • Color Expert 3.6

    The ultimate color tool - color expert is a web color scheme and html color code generator, a superb color picker and a color value converter(convert with RGB,HSL,CMYK,etc). color Expert allows you to select and save a
  • Cool Color Picker 1.10

    Cool color Picker -- Cool color Picker help you pick color anywhere on the screen. What is Cool color Picker ? Cool color Picker is a tool to pick color you need anywhere on the screen and change the color code into the
  • Aquarelle Color Suite 1.1

    Designer software for finding the best color matches. Work in RGB, HSB, CMYK and Lab spaces. It has harmonious color wheel (digital RGB and artistic RYB), screen color picker, color mixer, custom color variations
  • EYE3 1.4

    This color picker / color blender includes a magnifier tool and a custom color palette. You can get a 3x3 or 5x5 average, create gradients, invert selected color, pick up complementing color and many other things.
  • myPANTONE Palettes 1.5

    myPANTONE palettes is your one-stop source for color selection and palette creation. An interactive color workspace, the software aids in locating and identifying information relevant to color and color combinations and
  • Hex Color Finder 3.0

    Hex color Finder, a small easy-to-use color finder is the only tool you need to find any color. You can choose custom colors, save, load colors, even get the specific color from any area on your screen. Other features
  • ICE Color 1.4

    ICE color is a unique utility intended especially for Image Enhancement and color Correction of digital camera or scanned photo images. It enables you to modify any color modification in a single click via using
  • Finch Color Manager 1.2

    Finch color Manager is well designed for who works with color. You can pick up any color from the screen by the color picker. You can save your favorite color schemes. Finch color Manager accepts HEX & RGB values and
  • PF Color Tool 1.0

    PF color Tool is the ultimate utility when it comes to working with colors. It can pick a color from the huge color palette or anywhere in the screen, convert any color format to another (RGB, HSV/HSB, HEX, etc.), mix
  • Windows Color Picker 1.7

    Windows color Picker is a tool to get the color codes from any area of the screen, including any window of any applications. It is super easy to use that you can get the color codes by one click, and you can copy the
  • Web Safe Colors

    Not all colors can be faithfully reproduced by all browsers, When making web pages, you need to use color names or the hex numbers to designate which color to use. To be sure you are using web-safe colors, use this
  • Aurigma Color Dialog 1.0

    Aurigma color Dialog is a handy tool which enables you to select color. Build rich capabilities of color picking into your application. There are several visual and intuitive dialogs for color selecting. Users can