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  • Mystical Tint Tone and Color -

    Mystical Tint tone and color is a suite of 38 color Effects that are both easy to use and provide you with professional results in seconds. The effects are applied by brushing on or removing the effect from the desired
  • ComTekk Tone Generator 1.01

    ComTekk tone Generator 1.01 is developed to be a convenient and effective tool with which you can easily generate tone signals for 2-way radio signaling. Uses sound card to generate CTCSS, DTMF, 2-tone paging,
  • AmazingMIDI 1.70

    AmazingMIDI is used in music recording because it is capable of transcribing music automatically for converting WAV files into MIDI. The output file of this converter includes musical data, and a tone File (.wav). It
  • Autochromatic 2.04

    Sepia, duotone, color tone Photoshop plugin Autochromatic is a Photoshop plugin that helps you create duotone, sepia, greyscale and color tint effects. You can use Autochromatic to add a rust or lavender tone to your
  • Photomatix Essentials 3.0

    Standalone program for HDR image creation and processing. Features: *HDR processing from JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW files. *Automatic alignment of bracketed photos. *Automatic removal of ghosts. *Option to pre-process
  • Digital Coverup 1.0

    The Digital CoverUp plugin is a sort of "Electronic Clearasil" - it's used for fixing blemishes. You first select the color of the blemish, then select the skin tone, and it colors the former to match the latter,
  • RingTone Mechanic 2.90 Build 141

    The benefits of making your own ring tones: * Save money - ring tones cost $1.50 to $2.99 or monthly subscription fee * Over 1 million songs - only thousands of ring tones * Only takes about five minutes to build your
  • Beauty Tips: Choosing A Cool Hair Color 1.0

    Ebook about Choosing A Hair color. Learning and knowing how to choose a hair color, could in the long run, save you from future embarrassment or prevent you from wasting your money. When you go to choose and purchase a
  • Wav Test Tone Generator

    Wav Test tone is a wav file Test tone Generator utility. Just a plain utility for creating test tones in wav file format ??? useful for creating test CDs. There are many test tone generators and test files available
  • BrightSpot 1.1

    Brightspot will alter your image to a specified background mode, such as B&W or Sepia tone and then allow you to paint the color back into the parts you want to appear in color. It will also allow you to cut out
  • Pnmcurve 0.0.4

    pnmcurve applies tone curves to pnm images. Curves are specified as a set of control points of a cubic spline. pnmcurve applies the resulting spline curve to the pnm image read from stdin and writes the resulting image
  • Tone Stack Calculator

    With tone Stack Calculator you can easily and rapidly check the response curves of tone stacks that are used in the amplifiers of guitar such as Vox, Marshall, Big Muff and Fender etc. It provides you with 7 tabs for
  • Comtekk Dispatcher 1.03

    DISPATCHER Basic is offered as a fully functional download with a 15-day free trial period. In this way, you can fully test the software and connectivity before purchasing a license, to be sure it will work properly with
  • Desktop Carousel 3.1

    Get your desktop picture from webcams. Desktop Carousel is a MacOS X application that can automatically change or update your desktop picture at specified intervals. What's new: Optimised for Leopard. Option to
  • Tone Adjuster Plug-in 1.3

    Try the tone Adjuster plug-in today and gain the tonal control of your photographs you need. Professional photographers know how critical subtle tonal adjustments are to the creation of superior images. The tone
  • Tone Generator for Mac 3.12

    NCH Sound tone Generator lets you create audio tones, sweeps or noise waveforms on Mac OS X. Typical Applications include test tone generation in studios for the alignment of levels, calibration and testing of audio
  • Power Retouche 7.6.3

    Power Retouche Photoshop plug-ins for high quality photo retouching and image editing. 8 and 16 bit. Supports RGB, CMYK, Lab, Grayscale, Duotone. Black & White Studio plug-in A digital darkroom to convert color
  • Dirk`s Instrument Tuner 1.3

    This instrument tuner can be used to tune a wide range of instruments like guitars, pianos, accordions, organs, flutes and violins. It is even able to tune the two tones of beating instruments, like the accordion, at
  • ComTekk 1.31

    tone generator / code synthesizer for two-way radio signaling. Uses sound card to generate CTCSS, DTMF, 2-tone Paging, tone-remote, 5/6-tone ANI, selective calling, tone burst and more. Play any Combination of tones
  • Throb 2000 2.5x3.3

    ThrobV2.5 is an EXPERIMENTAL freeware Multi-tone-Frequency- Shift-Keyed (MFSK) Transmission program evolved while experimenting with DSP on a PC soundcard. It uses a palette of 9 tones spaced 8 or 16 Hz apart giving a
  • Tone Mapping Plug-In 2.1

    tone Mapping Plug-In is a wonderful Photoshop plug-in intended to help you expose details in highlights and shadows taking place in HDR images. HDR images, contains numerous photos each at diverse exposure level, and
  • Kite Capers Screen Saver- Cloud Rider 1.1

    Starring Mr Cloud from "Kite Capers" this screen saver is one of the Kite Capers series from U Star Games. The character riding the cloud can be adjusted to match your childs gender, hairstyle, skin tone, hair color and
  • Guitar Tuning Fork 2006.07

    This is guitar musical tone sound generator. Guitar Tuning Fork is musical tone sound generator program for musicians. User can get sound of six open guitar strings tones and A4 tone (440 Hz). There is volume control
  • Get Color Sf 0.8.4

    An advanced color finder that enables you to pick colors on your screen Get color Sf is an advanced color finder that enables you to capture any color displayed on the desktop screen and use it later in your
  • Essential HDR Community Edition 1.0.625

    Essential HDR??? (code name Wukong*) is a revolutionary new HDR tone mapping software. It includes two proprietary tone mapping algorithms: Fast tone Balancer???, for global tone mapping, and ,Detail Revealer???, for
  • Movie Tones for Nokia S60 1

    Movie tones is a Windows application that allows any user to create video ring tones for smartphones based on Series 60 with an outstanding quality. Only a video and an audio file is needed and all the rest Movie tones
  • Photomatix Light 1.0.1

    Photomatix Light is a stand-alone program that creates and processes HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, and runs on Mac OS X and Windows. Photomatix Pro features list: HDR / tone Mapping - Generation of HDR (High Dynamic
  • Harmony Color System 1.221

    coloring as playing the piano?? Now, coloring with music. Automatic coloring SW HCS has upgraded 1.2, coloring with sound for the first time in the world. Minuet tone of Bach to the background, 'The four seasons' of
  • Color Analysis 5.7

    The Importance of color Analysis. You probably own a few outfits that always garner comment whenever you wear them. It doesn't matter how old the garment is or how many times you wear it, you feel good in it because
  • Guitar-Online Tuner

    The mandolin, ukulele, fiddle, banjo, bass guitar is capable of showing you note name as well as numerical values of pitch/frequency together with its place on the stave. You can use your keyboard for selecting your